Friday, December 2, 2016

Of dogs and gifts.

Good morning to all!

It's finally Friday, and I've spent all my morning with my cuddle bug Nina. I was awake in bed going through emails and other notifications while she slept the morning away. She is a napper, she loves her sleep!

She got so grumpy when I said it was time to get up. Look at that little grumpy lion cub face! She is adorable.

I've been spending the majority of my time lately checking tracking for gifts that I got for my family. I've also become a gift wrapping machine! Every gift I already have, I've gift wrapped.

Now I'll spend the rest of today and this weekend finishing Christmas cleaning, so the decorating can commence.

I'll hopefully post more (Fingers crossed) this weekend. Until then, happy Friday!!!

What are your weekend plans? Have any of you started Christmas decorating?

Con amor,

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