Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's been a lazy day with you.

I took today as a lazy day. Nina joined me with no hesitance at all. Yesterday was emotionally draining for me, and I started to feel it all today. So I decided to take it easy, spend some cuddle time with the doggies, and a little sketching too.

Look at Nina's cute little paws! She has been an adorable little grump today and I have enjoyed it immensely. It made me feel all warm and cuddly inside.

I've always been into calligraphy and hand lettering, but haven't given it a serious try until today. I've spent the day perusing this blog and I'm in love! Dawn has so many helpful tips and practice sheets on her site. It's an incredible blog and very inspiring to me. I'm late in the game but I'm taking a stab at her December Challenge (clickity click~), although I'm mixing and matching the prompts I've missed. This here is the one I'm working at today:

Ha, you can see a sneaky little Minki in the picture!  I'm planning on following this in 2017, I hope if any of you are interested that you join me too. I'm also really excited, because I ordered a Calligraphy Starter Kit. I can't wait till it gets here and for me to start my calligraphy journey.

What are some hobbies you guys have? Is there anything new you're thinking of trying in 2017?

Con amor, 

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