Friday, January 31, 2014

lazy friday

I've spent the majority of the morning laying in bed not really doing anything. Until my roommate invited me to go to the small coffee place near the dorm. I got some hot chocolate (instead of coffee which is a surprising) and a fresh baked croissant.
I haven't had a croissant in a while, and oh how I missed it! Yesterday was national croissant day, and I had no croissants to eat so sad. Oh well it was a day late, but I still got to eat one!

My roommate is going home for the weekend so I don't know what I'll do. I'll probably spend it online window shopping to be honest. What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Con amor,

Thursday, January 30, 2014

online shopping is my weakness, please send help

(I'm in love)

Wow I'm impressed with myself two posts in a day! So I don't have any homework left for this week which means I can waste time on the internet (yay!). I've been looking through blogs I follow and from there I've gone to online shops and I've found beauties! Like this shirt look at how pretty it is! I want it so bad, I don't really own shirts like this and I feel like I need one. And let me bring attention to my cardigan obsession by referring you to this, this, and this. Lets not forget sweaters, here, here (so pretty but so expensive), and here. There are so many other sweaters, but if I keep linking them I'd never finish.
I'm saving up for a camera, and when I do get one I want this baby to carry it around.

So is online shopping your weakness? If not, what is? If yes, show me some of your favorite finds!

Con amor,

cooking and thinking of home

I made myself lunch today instead of reheating tv dinners or leftovers, some gnocchi with four cheese tomato sauce. Excuse the bad quality picture, my phone's battery died so I can't use it and took a picture with my tablet (which leaves a lot to be desired tbh). Anyways, since I can't use my phone I haven't talked with my mom in a while. Frankly, I miss my family and I miss being home and I miss my pets (read babies). It's hard being so far away from home, but it's harder being far away and not being able to communicate with my family everyday. I wonder what I've missed, how everyone is doing, even how the weather has been (granted I can google that, but I prefer asking my parents about it). It would be easier if my mom used facebook, but she doesn't have/want to. Hopefully by next week my new battery will be here. It won't change much from being homesick, but at least I'll be able to talk with the family.
Oh and the snow is slowly, but surely melting away.... It makes me a little sad because it might not snow again for a couple of years and I might not be here when it happens. Bye snow, I enjoyed your company for the short while you were here~~~
Have a great rest of the day you guys

Con amor,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a little snow.

It snowed yesterday! It hadn't snowed here since about 2011 so everyone was pretty excited. Although it didn't snow much at least we got to play a little bit.

I'm hoping it doesn't melt away quickly, although that seems unlikely.

I haven't posted in a while because my phone's battery died so now I have to get a new one and I had a test yesterday (have two tomorrow, wish me luck!)

Enjoy your day!

Con amor,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

coffee time is me time

It's saturday and the dorm is quiet right now, with some roommates sleeping (meaning just one) and the  others not here for the weekend. So I made the best of this time by making myself some coffee and going through different websites. I've been on etsy, bed bath & beyond, target, and makeup sites for a little while now. Without buying anything yet, because I'm on a small budget right now. I did make a list and bookmarked some of the things I liked and wanted.

I've been wanting some garlands to decorate our dorm and I found these three cute options
Also, I've been on a coffee mug searching spree (because with two new coffee machines I clearly need more mugs than what I own) and I want [read need] these in my life.

I'm going to keep looking for ideas to decorate our dorm room in a cute, but simple way. We don't relly like anything over the top or overwhelming. Do any of you have any good ideas? Or any decorating blogs to recommend? I'm all ears.. or eyes(?) I'm open to ideas at this point really.

Well I'm going to spend the rest of my day doing my nails, studying a bit, looking up diy decorating ideas, and watching some shows with my roommate. What are you guys up to this Saturday?

Ah I hear my roommate's door opening so I guess she's awake now, bye!

Con amor,

Friday, January 24, 2014

calm friday


I just got back from eating with friends~  It doesn't really feel like a friday to me, it's been a pretty chill and calm day.
I went to the store and then for dinner with my friends right after class, so I haven't been in the dorm for long today.
We got some t-discs for Momo the tassimo and we're so excited to finally use it! Other than that I found out I can't use my card here at all so I have to wait for a check now, and that's all

Have a good weekend everyone
Con amor,

Thursday, January 23, 2014

another day.


Hi, so it's another day in class nothing really interesting happened today. Yesterday night though it was pretty frustrating... I couldn't go to the store, because I had problems with my atm from back home.

I'm not from the states so my mom has to send me money through an account I have back home and then I normally withdraw the money from an atm machine and deposit it in my account here in the states. For some reason none of the atms that I usually use was accepting my card, so now I have to wait about a week for a check from my parents to arrive.

So, I'm broke for a week. Ah...the life of a college student.

I'm not mad or anything though, I'm actually pretty calm. Why get mad? It's not my fault (or my mom's) so I just have to move on.

btw look at how cute our window looks now! I added a plant (fake bc clearly we don't have a green thumb) and some cute solar bobble head type of things... idk what their called. What do you guys think?
Con amor,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's finally here!!~


First of all, hi! So after class today I went to check the mail and~~~~~~
It's finally here!!!! I've been waiting for this package for weeks omg
This is my early birthday gift from my parents and I'm so excited to try it out (so is my roommate btw)


I got a tassimo! I was so excited when I was unpacking it, it's so beautiful

Just look at it! it's a decent size, for a dorm that its (we don't get that much space, especially if it's shared between four people). Anyways, my roommate and I are going out to buy some t-discs in order to try out this baby later tonight.

ah I'm so happy, btw we named it Momo because we seem to name everything.... even our laptops.. yeah
Have a great rest of the day guys~~~

Con amor, 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

guide dog puppies!!~


Hey hey, long time no see! Just kidding it's only been a couple of days...
I've been catching up on homework, so i took a little break.
Anyways I saw the two cuties in the top picture while waiting for the bus, they were so adorable. The smallest one sits behind me in class and is always sniffing my leg. Guide dog puppies on campus are the cutest things ever


I took this picture on Sunday morning, my mom bought us these orchids about a year ago and look they are dying on us
We've tried everything, but I feel like the temperatures inside the dorm are killing them slowly
our poor babies we should have taken better care of you, I'm so sorry...

On another note have a great week filled with wonder~~~~
Con amor,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

saturday findings.

happy saturday everyone~~~ When I woke up today I looked out the window and noticed how empty campus looked. It's a long weekend so most people went home. Ahh it seems like such a nice day outside, but there's not much to do since the busses on campus don't run this weekend.

Ok so last night I had a good time with my friends, we talked  and ate together. It was a pleasant outing, we also got these nice journals that the student union was passing out. Today I decided to deck mine out in some stickers I got as a gift and while I was searching my drawers I find a really pleasant surprise.

As I opened one of my drawers I found all of the cards, postcards, and gift cards I've received since I left home for college. It really warmed my heart reading the old ones from people who care about me back home, and all of the ones from the friends that I've made here. I never thought that I would make such quality friends here in this small college town, but I did and they make the hard college days bearable. I'm so blessed and extremely thankful for all the people that have popped into my live.

What small everyday things are you guys thankful for?

Con amor,

Friday, January 17, 2014

morning break

After my morning class I went to this little coffee place near my dorm to get something to eat. I have a serious obsession with croissants, so I got myself two. When I got to my room I made myself a mocha latte using my roommate's keurig (our latest obsession) and sat on our living room sofa.
I enjoy those small moments between classes when I can just sit and relax with a cup of coffee while looking outside the window or doing whatever small thing I can think of.

Anyways, I'm going out tonight with my roommate and our friend, who we haven't seen in a while, it'll be fun!
I'll post some pictures (if I take any) tomorrow, bye~

Con amor,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

things to think about


Yesterday my roommates and I found out that one of the students that lived in the dorm on top of ours died.
Normally when things like this happen we see them on the news and they seem so far away.
The fact that it happened not only in our building, but the room one floor above us makes it much real (not that it wasn't real to begin with). It made me think.... we always hear that life is short (very true) and that we should make the best of it. Have I made the best of it? Have I experienced new things? Tried to be adventurous? Made the best of the opportunities I have been blessed with? These and several other thoughts crossed my mind. I also thought about my friends/roommates, have I told them or showed them how much I appreciate them?
I don't make New Year resolutions, because I know I won't see them through.... However I feel like there are so many things I need to improve about myself so maybe I'll give it a try!

Even if it's just on little everyday things (that might seem insignificant) let's try to better ourselves!

Con amor,
Yaris ♡