Thursday, January 23, 2014

another day.


Hi, so it's another day in class nothing really interesting happened today. Yesterday night though it was pretty frustrating... I couldn't go to the store, because I had problems with my atm from back home.

I'm not from the states so my mom has to send me money through an account I have back home and then I normally withdraw the money from an atm machine and deposit it in my account here in the states. For some reason none of the atms that I usually use was accepting my card, so now I have to wait about a week for a check from my parents to arrive.

So, I'm broke for a week. Ah...the life of a college student.

I'm not mad or anything though, I'm actually pretty calm. Why get mad? It's not my fault (or my mom's) so I just have to move on.

btw look at how cute our window looks now! I added a plant (fake bc clearly we don't have a green thumb) and some cute solar bobble head type of things... idk what their called. What do you guys think?
Con amor,

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