Thursday, January 30, 2014

cooking and thinking of home

I made myself lunch today instead of reheating tv dinners or leftovers, some gnocchi with four cheese tomato sauce. Excuse the bad quality picture, my phone's battery died so I can't use it and took a picture with my tablet (which leaves a lot to be desired tbh). Anyways, since I can't use my phone I haven't talked with my mom in a while. Frankly, I miss my family and I miss being home and I miss my pets (read babies). It's hard being so far away from home, but it's harder being far away and not being able to communicate with my family everyday. I wonder what I've missed, how everyone is doing, even how the weather has been (granted I can google that, but I prefer asking my parents about it). It would be easier if my mom used facebook, but she doesn't have/want to. Hopefully by next week my new battery will be here. It won't change much from being homesick, but at least I'll be able to talk with the family.
Oh and the snow is slowly, but surely melting away.... It makes me a little sad because it might not snow again for a couple of years and I might not be here when it happens. Bye snow, I enjoyed your company for the short while you were here~~~
Have a great rest of the day you guys

Con amor,

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