Saturday, January 18, 2014

saturday findings.

happy saturday everyone~~~ When I woke up today I looked out the window and noticed how empty campus looked. It's a long weekend so most people went home. Ahh it seems like such a nice day outside, but there's not much to do since the busses on campus don't run this weekend.

Ok so last night I had a good time with my friends, we talked  and ate together. It was a pleasant outing, we also got these nice journals that the student union was passing out. Today I decided to deck mine out in some stickers I got as a gift and while I was searching my drawers I find a really pleasant surprise.

As I opened one of my drawers I found all of the cards, postcards, and gift cards I've received since I left home for college. It really warmed my heart reading the old ones from people who care about me back home, and all of the ones from the friends that I've made here. I never thought that I would make such quality friends here in this small college town, but I did and they make the hard college days bearable. I'm so blessed and extremely thankful for all the people that have popped into my live.

What small everyday things are you guys thankful for?

Con amor,

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