Saturday, January 25, 2014

coffee time is me time

It's saturday and the dorm is quiet right now, with some roommates sleeping (meaning just one) and the  others not here for the weekend. So I made the best of this time by making myself some coffee and going through different websites. I've been on etsy, bed bath & beyond, target, and makeup sites for a little while now. Without buying anything yet, because I'm on a small budget right now. I did make a list and bookmarked some of the things I liked and wanted.

I've been wanting some garlands to decorate our dorm and I found these three cute options
Also, I've been on a coffee mug searching spree (because with two new coffee machines I clearly need more mugs than what I own) and I want [read need] these in my life.

I'm going to keep looking for ideas to decorate our dorm room in a cute, but simple way. We don't relly like anything over the top or overwhelming. Do any of you have any good ideas? Or any decorating blogs to recommend? I'm all ears.. or eyes(?) I'm open to ideas at this point really.

Well I'm going to spend the rest of my day doing my nails, studying a bit, looking up diy decorating ideas, and watching some shows with my roommate. What are you guys up to this Saturday?

Ah I hear my roommate's door opening so I guess she's awake now, bye!

Con amor,

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