Monday, December 26, 2016

It's been a Cold Christmas...

I've spent all Christmas sick. I still am sick, but I wanted to at least post something.

Here is a little sneak peek at what I got for Christmas. My friends and family know me so well. These cheered me up a bit. I got a coaster from anthropologie (I love me some coasters), a mug, Color-your-own greeting cards because I love sending snail mail! And many other things that aren't shown here.

I've also been working, feeling miserable all the while but I did my part. I spent yesterday in a feverish haze filled with strange dreams and feeling either too hot or too cold. My mom did make me a cup of tea today for my cold, I love her so much! It's Ginger and honey tea.

I wish all of you great health and that you enjoy the holidays with you loved ones.

What gifts did you get? Tell me in the comments!

Con amor,

Friday, December 23, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Finally finished.

There was a power outage yesterday, and I decided to make the best of it. I finished a couple of my before the year ends goals.I'm proud of myself, and my productivity.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Before the Year Ends.

Here is a short list of what I want to accomplish before this year ends:

1. Finish a book.
I started this book months ago, and I would love to focus and finish it. One of my goals for next year is for me to get back into reading. I used to digest books, like I needed air and then I kind of went on a slump and haven't been able to get out of it. To fix this I joined a book club!  More about this later on.

2. Finish purging my closet.
I've been cleaning out my closet and setting aside clothes and shoes to donate. I hope to finish this by this week actually.

3. Visiting family members.
I'd like to go see some family members I haven't seen in a while before the year ends. Especially the ones that are in senior homes.

4. Holiday shows/movies.
I want to binge watch as may as I can. I haven't sat down to watch any, except two movies. I want to see the classics, the Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, The Year Without Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, etc.

5. Declutter my email!

I want to start the year with an organized and emptier inbox. So I'm going to challenge myself to declutter my inbox. To delete all those unnecessary emails that for some reason I keep. Delete all the spam, and get my inbox down from 945 emails (yikes I know!).

What is your year end to do list? Share it with me.

Con Amor, 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gamer Girl Gift Guide

Gamer Girl Gift Guide

For that unique gamer girl in your life. Show your gamer pride fashionably!

Just follow the link for more info on the items on the guide.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gamer Guy Gift Guide

Gamer Guy Gift Guide

For that gamer in your life. If you're having trouble picking a gift here are some suggestions!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Santa baby.

Slip a sable under the tree for me. I love this song! It's my Christmas ringtone. Anyways, Minki's Christmas sweater came in the mail today and some markers I ordered to practice handlettering and other artsy things.

Today we took Minki to the pet store, just for a little outing.  On our way in we saw Santa Claus was going to be there to take pictures with all the good doggies. We've never had the Sassfluff take a picture with Santa before,  so we decided this year was the year.
She made lots of dog friends while waiting for the big man. One was as energetic as her, and goes by the name of Lina Sofia. Very pretty name for a pretty dog. The other friend is a service dog, she is a majestic dog and her name is Isabella. She wasn't too excited to take a picture with a strange man in a red suit, hahaha.

Minki took her picture with my sister  (Isn't she beautiful?), and was like the little model she thinks she is.

Con amor,

Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's been a lazy day with you.

I took today as a lazy day. Nina joined me with no hesitance at all. Yesterday was emotionally draining for me, and I started to feel it all today. So I decided to take it easy, spend some cuddle time with the doggies, and a little sketching too.

Look at Nina's cute little paws! She has been an adorable little grump today and I have enjoyed it immensely. It made me feel all warm and cuddly inside.

I've always been into calligraphy and hand lettering, but haven't given it a serious try until today. I've spent the day perusing this blog and I'm in love! Dawn has so many helpful tips and practice sheets on her site. It's an incredible blog and very inspiring to me. I'm late in the game but I'm taking a stab at her December Challenge (clickity click~), although I'm mixing and matching the prompts I've missed. This here is the one I'm working at today:

Ha, you can see a sneaky little Minki in the picture!  I'm planning on following this in 2017, I hope if any of you are interested that you join me too. I'm also really excited, because I ordered a Calligraphy Starter Kit. I can't wait till it gets here and for me to start my calligraphy journey.

What are some hobbies you guys have? Is there anything new you're thinking of trying in 2017?

Con amor, 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just blogging.

So, here I am blogging to pass time while I wait for a doctor's appointment....

My psychiatrist moved and I had to find a new one in the area. It's my first time seeing this one and I'm so anxious. I feel like it's the day of a final presentation in a huge college class. My stomach is in knots and I've got to keep my hands moving otherwise I'll be a shaking mess. So here I am typing away my anxiety, ha.

On the bright side I'm loving my boot game right now. I bought some really cute boot socks and I started using the first pair today! I have, maybe, three more (or two more, gah my memory) that I can't wait to try on. I also have some new boots that are being delivered. I can't wait!

I've been thinking about making myself a new work space in my room. It'll be smaller, but a lot cozier. I'm a bot excited to see what I come up with! I'm jotting down my ideas while waiting for my appointment. I might sketch a little something,we'll see.

Tomorrow I'll start making the cookie doughs for some Christmas gifts I'm thinking of. Come back tomorrow and maybe I'll make a post linking some of my favorite make ahead recipes!

Tell me, what is/are your favorite type and cookie flavors?

Con Amor,