Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just blogging.

So, here I am blogging to pass time while I wait for a doctor's appointment....

My psychiatrist moved and I had to find a new one in the area. It's my first time seeing this one and I'm so anxious. I feel like it's the day of a final presentation in a huge college class. My stomach is in knots and I've got to keep my hands moving otherwise I'll be a shaking mess. So here I am typing away my anxiety, ha.

On the bright side I'm loving my boot game right now. I bought some really cute boot socks and I started using the first pair today! I have, maybe, three more (or two more, gah my memory) that I can't wait to try on. I also have some new boots that are being delivered. I can't wait!

I've been thinking about making myself a new work space in my room. It'll be smaller, but a lot cozier. I'm a bot excited to see what I come up with! I'm jotting down my ideas while waiting for my appointment. I might sketch a little something,we'll see.

Tomorrow I'll start making the cookie doughs for some Christmas gifts I'm thinking of. Come back tomorrow and maybe I'll make a post linking some of my favorite make ahead recipes!

Tell me, what is/are your favorite type and cookie flavors?

Con Amor,

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