Wednesday, July 23, 2014

it's been a long and hard time

hey guys, I've been gone for a couple of months now..... 
Well, I've been dealing with a lot and have been of the internet for a while due to some health issues that I'm not comfortable speaking of just yet.
I've dedicated this time on concentrating on myself and getting better. I'm starting to prepare myself for this upcoming semester, not without much apprehension....
I'm happy to be going back, yet worried and other feelings all at the same time. A lot of mixed feelings.

I also wanted to update you guys in some small parts of my summer that brought me some happiness
like a new family member
her name is Nina, she's a rescue(she was abused)  and helping her through her tough time has helped me in a way.

she has also brought happiness to Minki, now they are inseparable though not without hardships. it took a  while to get Nina used to her new sister and forever home, she was so skittish and shy at first (we're still working on that).
I'm happy yet a bit sad, because I'll be leaving my loves in a little more than a week and won't see them till December.

how have all of you been?

Con amor,