Saturday, December 10, 2016

Santa baby.

Slip a sable under the tree for me. I love this song! It's my Christmas ringtone. Anyways, Minki's Christmas sweater came in the mail today and some markers I ordered to practice handlettering and other artsy things.

Today we took Minki to the pet store, just for a little outing.  On our way in we saw Santa Claus was going to be there to take pictures with all the good doggies. We've never had the Sassfluff take a picture with Santa before,  so we decided this year was the year.
She made lots of dog friends while waiting for the big man. One was as energetic as her, and goes by the name of Lina Sofia. Very pretty name for a pretty dog. The other friend is a service dog, she is a majestic dog and her name is Isabella. She wasn't too excited to take a picture with a strange man in a red suit, hahaha.

Minki took her picture with my sister  (Isn't she beautiful?), and was like the little model she thinks she is.

Con amor,

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