Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cleaning and cleaning.

I've been cleaning since Friday, and I'm finally taking a well deserved break. It's taking a long time because we're not only cleaning but we are also cleansing our closets and drawers. We are separating a lot of things to donate. Although, so far I'm the only one doing this daily and the rest of the family do it during the weekends (when they're not working).

 Anyways clearing out my closet I found my sister's old guitar and I was checking the strings and was able to record this cute little thing:

I've also been setting out Christmas stuff, so Minki got lucky. I set out some of her X-mas theme toys. Just look at that sassfluff being all cute!

Oh, and during my unplanned hiatus our freezer fizzled out so we've been freezer-less for a while. Today the new one finally came in and I can't wait to start using it! I have a ton of make ahead cookies recipes I've been dying to try and now I can. I'll keep you guys updated..

How has your week started? I'd love to know.

Con amor,

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