Thursday, January 30, 2014

online shopping is my weakness, please send help

(I'm in love)

Wow I'm impressed with myself two posts in a day! So I don't have any homework left for this week which means I can waste time on the internet (yay!). I've been looking through blogs I follow and from there I've gone to online shops and I've found beauties! Like this shirt look at how pretty it is! I want it so bad, I don't really own shirts like this and I feel like I need one. And let me bring attention to my cardigan obsession by referring you to this, this, and this. Lets not forget sweaters, here, here (so pretty but so expensive), and here. There are so many other sweaters, but if I keep linking them I'd never finish.
I'm saving up for a camera, and when I do get one I want this baby to carry it around.

So is online shopping your weakness? If not, what is? If yes, show me some of your favorite finds!

Con amor,

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