Monday, January 4, 2016

DIY project. Glass Marbling.

I made a do-it -yourself project and wanted to share it here in my blog. I had a little helper too that you'll see in this somewhat tutorial I'm making.

In this first post I'll show how I painted a glass bowl with nail polish, and how it looks like using said bowl to make my own terrarium.

Things used:

The bowl I used was given to me by my grandmother, but any glass bowl, vase, cup, etc. can be used. Dollar stores and craft stores normally have pretty nice ones for cheap.

To paint it I used some nail polishes I had lying around. The ones I used came out pretty dark, so I suggest adding one or two bright colors to contrast with the darker colors. Also, remember to use a toothpick!

How it went down:

~The first thing I did was clean the bowl and let it dry. Then my little helper Suki saw fit to inspect the bowl before giving me the go ahead for this project!

~After Suki's inspection I filled a bucket with clean water. Make sure the bucket is big enough for the glass bowl, vase, cup, etc. you'll be using. I also recommend using an old bucket, because the nail polish WILL stain the bucket.

~For the marbling part it is easier to have all the nail polishes slightly open because you have to be a little fast to get the effect before it dries. Pick the first color and add to the bucket a few drops, make sure it's in the middle. Quickly add a few drops of the other colors you wish to use.

~Using a toothpick drag the colors gently in different directions, of in whatever shape you'd like the marble to be.

~Now the last part is grabbing the bowl and dipping it in the water, but when taking it out use a scooping motion so the nail polish sticks. If you just dip it and take it out the nail polish will just stay in the water and the process will have to be repeated. This is how the bowl looked after I did this:

~The colors I used were too subtle so I let it dry and marbled it again to get a bit more color and pattern to it. And the end result was this:

and a little close up~

~After it dries I suggest using a paint sealant spray on your finished product so it'll last longer.

Mine didn't come out perfect, but I liked it. It suits it's purpose which I'll show you in the next post~

Suki sure liked helping, she inspected every step before letting me go ahead ahahaha.

She says she's seen better,  but it was a good try for my first time. But she also just wanted to play with her teddy so I don't take her criticism to heart. I love my little Queen.

and meet Terry the terrarium:

Suki says have  nice day/night everyone,

see you guys on the next post!

Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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