Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some apps to start off the year.

To start of some of my New Year suggestions I've added some new apps to my phone. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you:

1. Daily Yoga- I decided to try out yoga this year and this app is steadily becoming a favorite.
It has programs from beginners to advanced (I'm on the beginners course). It has for relaxation, flexibility, core training, etc. And its available for both android and iOS.

2. Aqualert- Helpful reminder to drink water the whole day. It has different cup sizes and tells you according to your weight and/or height how much water you need!

3. Journey- A journaling app, it's very simple and you don't have to write a whole paragraph for a post. Sometimes you can just add a picture for the day. It's great for journaling beginners like me, I'll still keep an actual paper journal. However this app is great for when I go out and don't have my journal handy and something just pops up in my head.

Android/sadly not available for iOS

4. Brit + Co- I just found this gem yesterday! It's filled with diy articles, and other adorable lifestyle, fashion, etc. articles.

And just for fun I'll add a game app that has had me obsessed lately:
Covet Fashion- it's a fashion game and very addictive to me.

What is some of your favorite apps to start the year?

Have a happy weekend!

Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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