Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year Suggestions 2016.

This morning I woke up and saw that my terrarium flowers were blooming~

I then got ready for a day out with my siblings. My sister's birthday was on Sunday, but today we had our own mini celebration just us three siblings. We bonded, went shopping for a little, had some amazing ginger ale from a quaint little market, and finished of with dinner.

While I was in the car, I was thinking of New Year resolutions and how I see so many blogs posts, statuses, etc. about it.
When you google the definition of resolution the first meaning that shows up is: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

I don't know why, but I find the word resolution pressuring. This pressure to keep up with these firm decisions I made with no thought if I could actually go through  with it. Then at the end of the year I find myself disappointed because this pressure made me so anxious I barely make at least one of the resolutions work out.

So this year I'm not going to pressure myself, and I'm going to be laid back about it.

Instead of resolutions, I jotted down some suggestions for the New Year. This way if I follow through with them I'll be very happy and surprised with the achievements and if I don't follow through it'll be alright because they were just suggestions. It'll be up to me if I take up the suggestions or not.

Anyways here is the list of suggestions I made to myself for this year:

1. Blog more (I use blogging as therapy so why not)
2. Try to socialize more.
3. Lead a healthier lifestyle.
4. Do things that make me happy.
5. Work on my time management.
6. Do more DIY projects.
7. Get back into painting.
8. Practice, practice, practice using my drawing tablet.
9. Take more pictures, make them meaningful pictures.
10. Be more open about my feelings.
11. Manage my finances better.
12. Possibly get a new dog. Let me explain this one, I know you guys will see a couple of dogs in some posts and I call them my babies but really they aren't mine mine. Minki is my sister's dog, Nina and Suki are my mother's dogs even though I raised them, and Claudette is my baby cousins' dog who we are taking care of. I want to have my own dog like my sister, where I'm responsible for the doggie financially, physically, and emotionally. A dog that I'll be able to take with me when I move out. Because it's mine not my sister's or the family's, just completely mine.
13. Work on my relationship with God.

So those are my suggestions. Do you guys have any suggestions or resolutions for 2016? If so, please share I would love the read about them! Leave a comment below, maybe we can help each other out or see if we have any in common!

Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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