Monday, May 4, 2015

may days. may wishes.

It's been so long! I'm so sorry for my absence. Things haven't been great with me lately, but hopefully I'll get back into this again ^^
It's the end of the semester, which means moving out of the dorm and going back home. Yay, for going home, but not so much for the moving .... Move out always stresses me out, luckily it my last one for a long time (crossing my fingers).

There are a couple of things I have planned for the summer, I'm not going to say what so I don't jinx it! But hopefully I'll be able to blog more and have a lot more to share with you guys!

I still haven't taken my new camera (my baby for a spin) so hopefully I can do that. Also, I might take some photography classes, I'll keep you guys posted!

So lately I've  been obsessed with this site called polyvore, so expect posts with my favorite things from time to time or some dream outfits.
This is my first of hopefully many more to come!

May wishes

how have all of you been?

Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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