Saturday, May 16, 2015

life lately.

Life has been busy lately, and I haven't had time to just sit down and have some blogging time to myself. It's currently 6:30 am as I am writing and making this blog post while all three kids are asleep. I haven't been able to make many blog post, but I have a diy project one on the way (it might take a little while). 
For now I'll leave you guys with a couple pf pictures of the reasons I've been so busy, but at the same time enjoying my  time with them. They are a joy to me, and I love them so much and I hope you'll be fond of them too.

My precious Minki

My little fluff ball Nina and charming Claudette (she came with the kids and she's a sweetheart)

I know life is busy, but it's the little moments that make everyday things worth it and I wouldn't change my right now for anything.

How are you guys? Tell me what's new?

Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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