Wednesday, February 12, 2014

of a little snow and ice.

The trees and the bushes have all been covered in a thin layer of ice, and they all look so beautiful. I took pictures with my tablet, but as you can see they're not the best quality. In moments like this I miss my phone's camera. Oh well!
Anyways, outside it looks so wintery (that's a word, right?) and I love it. The sidewalks and the street are covered by a layer that is kind of like a mix of snow and ice, so we have to be extra careful while walking outside and driving.

For now I think I'll stay inside and eat a croissant while I drink some hot chocolate. I might go outside again later with my roommate to see other places and maybe take more pictures.

Weather reports say we are getting snow tonight, so I am very excited! To everyone in the South area getting hit with the ice storm (and to anyone who is somewhere cold right now), stay safe and stay warm.

I wish you lots of hot chocolate (or any type of hot beverage) and cuddles.

Con amor,


  1. hello
    love your blog

    1. hi!
      thank you I really appreciate that ^^