Thursday, February 13, 2014

ice days and gifts

There is still some ice around and classes where cancelled for today, so I've stayed in watched a little tv and decided to start buying birthday gifts for two of my friends.  They both have birthdays in the same month, actually their birthdays are two days apart! Which is a little hard on my budget (read broke college student), but I'm done and with a minimal blow to my budget too!

I'm actually pretty happy with what I got them, so let me show you some of the stuff!

For the first friend it was a little tricky to pick out gifts, she is the oldest of our group and by far the most mature. She is really motherly, which makes her the mother of our small group. We lovingly call her umma, anyways she is intelligent, sporty, organized, loveable, and we both share a love of animals. We literally spend ours talking about dog, cats, and any type of animal we've been interested lately. So for her gift I decided to buy her a sporty backpack and since she has a love for organizing materials I got her a little desk organizer. I got both of them a cute backpack shaped coin wallet in their favorite colors (I couldn't resist it was too cute).

For the second friend the most difficult part of getting her a gift is that she is so easily pleased with anything. I really wanted to get something that she would really like, so I sat and thought about what I've seen she likes/uses the most. Whenever I see her she always likes using tote bags (mainly the some one), so I decided to get her a new one, I also got her a pencil case since she always has her head in the clouds (maybe she won't lose pens and pencils as easily with it). And lastly the same cute coin purse, but in green.

It's not much, but I thought them through with care and love, hopefully they'll like them ^^

So, how have all of you guys been? How has your week been? Tell me about it
*On a side note: My birthday is next week! I'm not big on birthdays, but I'm a little excited this year~

Con amor,

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