Sunday, February 14, 2016

Minki's day out.

Finally after a long delay!

Wow this was in January, I'm sorry I've been sick and right now I have an upper back muscle spams that hurts so much I can't move my right arm much and can't turn my head completely  to the right.

So, on January 28 we took Minki out and here is the post I was gonna make (picture spam is very possible):

We took Minki out on a little trip to Petco. She had so much fun! And I really enjoyed taking pictures of her, she's such a happy and affectionate little fluffball.

She paid a little attention to the fishes, but her absolute favorite were the guinea pigs. She was so curious about them and wanted to play with them.

Oh and of course it wouldn't be a day outwith Minki if she didn't have every single employee and costumer pet her.

We ended the day with some ice cream for the humans, and Minki had a little whipped cream (I didn't take a picture because I was busy with ice cream. It's hot here in the island so ice cream was my priority at that moment and not taking pictures.....

(this post was originally supposed to be posted yesterday...)

                                                                         Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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