Thursday, January 22, 2015

my journey to independence part 2

Hi guys! I know I've been absent for forever lol, but I'm back.

My condition hasn't been good lately, so it's been hard to deal with my everyday life. Anyways, back to my little story.... After I researched about Little Angels Service Dogs, I talked/befriended people who have worked there and people who have received a service dog from them. All of them were extremely nice and told me about their experience about going through the process.

I started the application process during the summer, and by November I had a phone interview.  The director of the program was extremely nice and patient.
Now I'm at the stage where I've got my contract and all I have left to do is mail it with my deposit.

After that comes the most stressful part for me,  but it's also very important. Fundraising, sure I have been a part of some during my school ears, but I've never had to organize and have people help me with fundraising....

Wish me luck!!!!!
This is my second step to independence

Con amor,
Yaris ♡

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