Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hello! Weekly Instagram Favorites.

Ah, Instagram! I love this social media site, it is a wonderful way to keep up show what I'm working on or my newest obsessions.It has such a diverse community, so many types of account to follow. I love so many of them and I can't really pick which are my absolute favorite. So~~~~

I made a kind of roundup of my favorites this week. I divided them by the type of focus they each have and first up is my newest love....


~inkandmagic- This is one of the newest accounts I follow and it is absolutely gorgeous.

~sincerelysara22- I love Sara! She has a great blog, and her pictures are so pretty (I low key aspire to be a book blogger/bookstagrammer like her, but I'll settle on looking at her pictures). She also has touch of Lifestyle to her blogging.

~thebookferret- Adorable furry friends and so many wonderful book pictures.

 Pins (my most recent obsession! All of these are pin makers too):




 Pets (all the adorable fluff you need in your life)



~jaeun2- Jane is more on the Lifestyle type of blogging, but her dog pictures and videos are so adorable I just had  to add her.









And that is all for today! Tell me, what are some of your favorite instagrammers?

Con Amor,

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